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Since i am writing a mémoire about representations of gender ambiguity in visuals medias  i am watching all kinds of rad movies. Those screen caps come from XXY an Argentinian movie by Lucía Puenzo about an intersexe named Alex who live on a island with her parents. Her dad is a marine biologist an the movie uses this extensively, inviting to see Alex as some kind of sea creature. And there is also this funny looking dude who may or may not be gay and remind me of my cousin.  It’s a really beautiful sorta-coming-of age movie about gender identity and the people who don’t fit in. But as most movies about sexual ambiguity the “sexual aggression” trope is used so it may be triggering. No rape, but  it came close.

Unfortunately, the cute iguana pet just makes a cameo instead of popping up on screen in every scene.